Campus tour is certainly a must-try item if you join our Information Day! We strongly recommend you to join the Hall Tour and Library Tour, where you can experience a SYUers’ life in hostel with a stunning Victoria Harbour view and look around the only university library at Braemar Hill! HKSYU Library is also open to the public with thematic book exhibitions and secondhand book sales.

The SYU Information Day this year is definitely a unique one, with many exciting activities including:

“Reward if Found” Campus Hunt
Don’t miss the campus hunt game “Reward if Found” by taking pictures of designated places for winning BINGO!

Pop-up Historical Drama: History Time-Traveller
The students from the Department of History shall cosplay as “History Time-Traveller” for pop-up historical drama.

Pickleball Fun Day
Ever tried pickleball? HKSYU invited the Ambassador of Hong Kong Pickleball to introduce this popular game.

Chi Dept x Eng Dept Mini-Exhibition
The Chinese and English Departments co-organises a series of nature and astronomy-themed mini exhibitions to immerse you in a unique experience of language and literature through topics such as ecosystem and cosmic galaxy.