Exchange and Internship Sharing Talks

The Industrial Attachment Office (IAO) and International Unit (IU) have invited their students who have participated in the internship and overseas exchange programmes to share their experience with us. Don’t miss the following talks if you want to get some job experience and study abroad before graduation!

‘Don’t Miss Them In SYU – Overseas Exchange and Internships’ at RLG 2/F Startup Common on 5 November 3-4pm and 6 November 11:30am – 12:10pm

JMC Alumni Sharing Talks

Prominent alumni of the Department of Journalism and Communication will be present to cover varied  topics such as film, documentary and advertisement, artisan media, social media, and Hong Kong media.

The sharing talks will be separately hosted by Dr. LEE Ka Man Kaman (Head of Department & Associate Professor of Practice, Department of Journalism and Communication), Dr. LAM Wun Sum (Associate Head of Department of Journalism and Communication) and Mr. BUT, Chor Fai Joshua (Lecture of Department of Journalism and Communication).

Guest speakers:

Public Relations & Publication Creation
Miss. LI Ka Yi Kylie (Project Manager of Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association and Founder of Hikipedia)

Artesian Media
Mr. WONG Chung Yin (Managing Editor of JET Magazine & Art and Piece Magazine)

Social Media
Mr. CHAN Yuen Tung Billy (BBC Chinese Social Media Lead)

Media of Hong Kong
Mr. CHEUNG Ka Ho Patrick (Political News Editor of Hong Kong Economic Journal)

Ulife and Internship
Miss NG Wing Chi Gigi and Miss CHONG Tsz Ching Lydia
(Internal Vice President and External Vice President at the Administrative Branch of the Editorial Board of the Department of Journalism and Communication; Year 3 Student)

LIVE “Q&A” Programme Chat Room

Our department representatives together with their alumni will answer programme questions raised by the public through the live chat room. More importantly, the graduates will also share their study and working experience with all online audience.

Faculty of Arts

Department of Chinese Language and Literature
Department of English Language and Literature
Department of History
Department of Journalism and Communication

Faculty of Commerce

Department of Accounting
Department of Business Administration
Department of Economics and Finance
Department of Law and Business

Faculty of Social Sciences

Department of Counselling and Psychology
Department of Social Work
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