Not so sure about what subject discipline you should choose to study at University? Our department representatives will let you know the details of programmes they are offering, including programme… More

Our department representatives together with their alumni will answer programme questions raised by the public through the live chat room. More importantly, the graduates will also share their study and… More

Dr. Rita Li (Bcom (Fintech) Programme Director) will tell you more about this new SSSDP programme offered by the Department of Economics & Finance, including admissions, internships and career paths… More

This programme suits students who are interested in studying business administration and exploring the relationship between psychology and people. Read more!

This SYU first-ever game show has invited the three generations of JMC to join the game! Which generation is more powerful? Who will finally win the game? Stay tuned!

Our graduates from Department Counselling and Psychology has bulit a 3D Shue Yan campus on game platform Minecraft, let’s take a look!

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Our virtual campus tour created by using 360° photography and “Matterport” 3D modelling technology will make you feel like being in Shue Yan. Click ‘Explore More’ to start the adventure now!

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