HKSYU has recently offered a brand new undergraduate programme to groom students to be the leaders in the emerging industry ‘Media Design and Immersive Technology’. This programme is not only interesting, but also promising.

The Industrial Attachment Office (IAO) and International Unit (IU) have invited their students who have participated in the internship and overseas exchange programmes to share their experience with us.

Campus tour is certainly a must-try item if you join our Information Day! We strongly recommend you to join the Hall Tour and Library Tour, where you can experience a SYUers’ life in hostel with a stunning Victoria Harbour view and look around the only university library at Braemar Hill!

To let you more about the interesting side of the Departments, various interesting workshops are ready for you to join. Come and have a taste of attending a lesson at SYU!

Prominent alumni of the Department of Journalism and Communication will be present to cover varied  topics such as film, documentary and advertisement, artisan media, social media, and Hong Kong media.

All secondary school students, teachers, and parents are welcome to join the Info Day special series of “Popular Talks” to understand trending topics such as FinTech, VR/AR, social science, mediation, history, and culture.

What Experts do FinTech need? What types of courses and internship do the SYU Fintech programme offer to its students?

Not so sure about what subject discipline you should choose to study at University? Our department representatives will let you know the details of programmes they are offering, including programme curriculum, admission requirements, internship opportunities, etc.

Our department representatives together with their alumni will answer programme questions raised by the public through the live chat room. More importantly, the graduates will also share their study and working experience with all online audience.

This programme suits students who are interested in studying business administration and exploring the relationship between psychology and people. Read more!

Info Day Events


05 Nov

Poptalk: Social Science and You

Research Complex Building


05 Nov

Exchange and Internship Sharing Session

Research Complex Building


05 Nov

Poptalk: Let’s Talk About 3:15pm

Research Complex Building

Study Programme

Together with Shue Yan, We Joy

All are welcome to join the SYU InfoDay 2021! No matter you are a student, a teacher or a parent, we are sure you can get the information you want to know, and feel the celebrative atmosphere all around the Shue Yan Campus! Online and Onsite InfoDay will run simultaneously.

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HKSYU 50th Anniversary

Roads are built by humans, and there are always flat and rugged roads. We go forward bravely in order to go further. Shue Yan University walks beside her students to go through the ups and downs along their “Road of University Study”.

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Virtual Tour

Our virtual campus tour created by using 360° photography and “Matterport” 3D modelling technology will make you feel like being in Shue Yan. Click ‘Explore More’ to start the adventure now!

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