Welcome to the “Virtual Ving Tsun Learning Experience Class” to learn the basic steps of  Ving Tsun with the artificial intelligence training system!


1 Nov 2022

Don’t know much about counseling and psychology? Why don’t you start by attending a workshop organized by the Department of Counselling & Psychology, which will introduce you to different fields… More

VR Lab will bring a new experience to your senses with light and shadow! The same location will also showcase the smart city brought by technology and play mini games… More

All Academic department set up booths to provide programme consultation. There are also senior student fellows who share interesting stories of university study and life with visitors.

The Law and Business Department Moot Court is on! You don’t have to go to the High Court, we allow you to watch the entire trial process, as well as… More

With rave reviews, it is making a comeback! History students are on the stage, and the performance of street skits with different historical figures from time-to-space is now being staged… More

Business Proposal Competition For Secondary Students 2022 Final Contest

Shue Yan University has created Hong Kong’s first virtual museum with the theme of national intangible cultural heritage. The VR installation will allow you to experience the “Yu Lan Festival”… More

You are cordially invited to join our Info-Day Opening Ceremony to learn about the new direction of Shue Yan liberal arts education: Digital humanities”, and feel the atmosphere of Shue… More

To promote volleyball, Current SYU Women’s Volleyball Team and Alumni Women’s Volleyball Team will play a match which is organised by the P.E. Section of OSA in HKSYU on the… More

Info Day Events


26 Nov

History Pop-up Drama

Research Complex


26 Nov

Moot Court Show

Residential & Amenities Complex


26 Nov

Luminaire VR Experience

Research Complex

Study Programme

Together with Shue Yan, We Innovate!

All are welcome to join the SYU InfoDay 2022! No matter you are a student, a teacher or a parent, we are sure you can get the information you want to know, and feel the 50 + 1 innovative atmosphere all around the Shue Yan Campus! Online and Onsite InfoDay will run simultaneously.

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50 + 1: Digital Humanities – We Innovate!

“Digital humanities” is the new direction of Shue Yan liberal arts education. We strive to inject digital technology elements into various academic disciplines to enrich the teaching content, and apply it to the study and research of humanities and social sciences. We also encourage more interdisciplinary cooperation, allowing technology to “collide” with traditional academics, so as to improve the quality of teaching and learning and keep pace with the times!

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Virtual Tour

Our virtual campus tour created by using 360° photography and “Matterport” 3D modelling technology will make you feel like being in Shue Yan. Click ‘Explore More’ to start the adventure now!

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