Department of Chinese Language and Literature

The Department of Chinese Language and Literature was founded when Shue Yan College was first established.

For five decades, it has shared the University’s mission to promote traditional Chinese culture and moral values. Our undergraduate students will have opportunities to practise various types of writing, and they will have a high level of writing skills after graduation. They will also learn a wide scope of knowledge in Chinese Literature, Chinese Language and Chinese Literary Criticism.

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This admissions information talk provides the2024/25 undergraduate programmes of Hong Kong Shue Yan University. You can check the admission requirements of the programme(s), introduction of the department, and internship, exchange and other student/alumni activities.

Our Programmes

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Chinese Language and Literature Programme
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Chinese Language and Literature Programme

Programme Features

  • One-semester internship in areas related to education, publishing, translation, editing
  • Examine Chinese literature/culture from the perspectives of Western literary theory, psychology, sociology, and history be means of an interdisciplinary research approach
  • Student Activities: Publish departmental newsletter ‘Ren Sheng’, organise various activities (e.g. singing contest, study trips) and academic lectures

Programme Curriculum*

  • Ancient Chinese Texts and Philosophical thoughts
    “Lun Yu”, “Zuo Zhuan”, “Yi Jing”, Understanding Translation: Classical Chinese Texts in a Globalised World, Cultural Representations in Chinese and Anglophone Film
  • Classical Chinese Literature and Literary Theories
    “Shi Jing”, “Chu Ci”, “Chinese Ci”, Literary Appreciation and Creative Writing, Criticism of Classical Novels and Drama, “Dream of the Red Mansions”, “Pian Wen”
  • Chinese Linguistics and Bibliology
    “Modern Chinese”, “Classical Chinese” , Chinese Etymology, “Shuowen Jiezi”, Rhetoric, Bibliography, Elementary Putonghua, Chinese Industrial Attachment
  • Modern Chinese Literature and Literary Theories
    Modern Chinese Literature, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Fiction, Modern and Contemporary Proses, Creative Writing, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Women’s Literature, Chinese Science Fiction

*For detailed curriculum, please refer to the departmental website.


  • Elective
  • Compulsory

Career Paths

Our graduates can teach subjects like Chinese or Chinese Literature, they can also perform cultural, literary and artistic works. Some of them work as editors / reporters for newspapers, magazines or textbooks, or in cultural sector. They can also work in government or private organisations.

Professional Recognition

This programme has been included in the list of “Language Education and Language Teacher Education and Qualifications”.  Graduates are exempted from the language proficiency requirement for Chinese teachers.  Please refer to the website of the Education Bureau for details.

Entrance Scholarships and Financial Assistance

  • ES 3

NMTSS = Non-means-tested Subsidy Scheme
SSSDP = Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions/Sectors

Entrance Scholarship (ES)
ES 1 – iFREE Entrance Scholarship
ES 2 – Longbow Charity Foundation Entrance Scholarship
ES 3 – Entrance Scholarship for Non-Chinese Speaking Students

Year of Entry

  • Year 1
  • Year 2
  • Year 3