Department of English Language and Literature

Among Hong Kong university programmes offering full-time Bachelor of Arts(Hons) degrees in English, the Department of Language and Literature at Shue Yan is singular in its interdisciplinary approach to the study of language, literature, culture and translation. This creative crossing of boundaries also informs our Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies and the New Mphil and PhD programmes in English, enhancing the learning experience and allowing students to acquire transferable skills required by contemporary society.

Our Programmes

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English Programme
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English Programme

Programme Features

  • Foster student’s critical and creative thinking as well as exploration of cultural heritages through critical analyses of English language and literatures in English.
  • Strengthen students’ productive skills in written and spoken English
  • Provide students with broad educational exposure which encourages bilingual competence and multicultural sensitivity and development
  • Initiate students to adopt an interdisciplinary approach to knowledge in the hybrid, web-like and complex 21st century

Programme Curriculum*

  • Five Areas:
    ・Literary Studies
    ・Cultural Studies
    ・English Skills
  • Special courses:
    ・Ecological l Ethics
    ・Science Fiction
    ・Children’s Literature
    ・Feminist Literature
    ・Gender and Translation


  • Elective
  • Compulsory

Career Paths

Our graduates can teach subjects like English, English literature or liberal studies, they can also perform as an executive, management trainee, interpreter, translator, editor or journalist. Apart from working in the industry, they can further study literature, cultural studies, linguistics and translation in local and overseas graduate programmes to get a master or doctoral degree.

Entrance Scholarships and Financial Assistance

  • ES 3^

*For detailed curriculum, please refer to the departmental website.
NMTSS = Non-means-tested Subsidy Scheme
SSSDP = Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions/Sectors

^ Types of HKSYU Entrance Scholarships

  1. iFREE Entrance Scholarship
  2. Longbow Charity Foundation Entrance Scholarship
  3. Entrance Scholarship for Non-Chinese Speaking Students

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