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Sociology is an interesting discipline that examines how the structures and processes of groups, organizations and societies influence the values and behviours of individuals and their social interaction.

It investigates a range of social institutions, including the family, school, workplace, religion, government, and economy, using sociological concepts and theories to analyze social phenomena pertaining to social institutions and social life in the context of social change. Findings of sociological research oftentimes have social impact and policy implications. The Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Sociology enables students to apply sociological knowledge and analyze events which occur in their immediate environment and the wider world. Graduates could be in field of marketing research, public affairs and administration etc.

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Our Programmes

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Sociology Programme
Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Sociology Programme

Programme Features

  • Enhance students’ employability by providing two concentrations in the curriculum, “Entrepreneurship and Community” and “Culture, Heritage and Innovation”, and experiential learning opportunities such as field visits and internships.
  • Facilitate students to have a solid mastery of sociological knowledge, including concepts, theories, methods, and applications, for understanding social relations, institutions, and culture.
  • Equip students with quantitative and qualitative research skills for conducting projects to study social relations, institutions, and culture in Hong Kong and other Chinese societies, their oral and written communication skills will also be enhanced.

Programme Curriculum*

  • Entrepreneurship and Community:
    Entrepreneurship and Society, Community Economy, Poverty, Social Policy and Social Innovation, Impact of Social and Enterprise Innovation, Contemporary Consumer and the Changing Community
  • Culture, Heritage and Innovation:
    Sustainable and Innovative Cities in the 21st Century, Popular Culture in Asia, Tourism and Culture, Collective Memory and Social Change, Heritage Studies: Critical and Innovative Dimensions, Film, Television and Society


  • Elective
  • Compulsory

Career Paths

Administrative officer in public or private sector, social welfare, social enterprise, marketing research, policy study, education, conservation, culture and tourism

Entrance Scholarships and Financial Assistance

  • ES 3^

*For detailed curriculum, please refer to the departmental website.
NMTSS = Non-means-tested Subsidy Scheme
SSSDP = Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions/Sectors

^Entrance Scholarship

  1. iFREE Entrance Scholarship
  2. Longbow Charity Foundation Entrance Scholarship
  3. Entrance Scholarship for Non-Chinese Speaking Students

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