Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Law and Business Programme

Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Financial Technology Programme

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Economics and Finance Programme

Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Corporate Governance and Risk Management Programme

Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Digital Marketing Programme

Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Human Resources Management – Applied Psychology Programme

Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) Programme

Department of Economics and Finance

The Department Economics and Finance was founded in 1977.

Its Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Economics and Finance programme was accredited by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications in 2004, and was restructured into a four-year programme in 2009 under the name BA (Honours) in Economics and Finance. The programme aims to cultivate students with a solid understanding of economic theories and an ability to apply this knowledge in various decision-making situations. Aside from fully grasping the nuances of social sciences, graduates will become familiar with the major fields in economics and finance as well as its analytical tools.

Department of Law and Business

The study of law at Shue Yan dates from 1973 as the institution once offered an Honours Diploma in Law and Business.

Following the conferral of its university status in 2006, the Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Law and Business was launched in 2007. Given that Hong Kong is an international financial centre and that China now plays an increasingly important role in the global economy, this programme integrates legal knowledge with business expertise to train graduates who are highly knowledgeable in both business and law.

Department of Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration was established in 1971.

The Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) programme replaced the former diploma curriculum in 2003, and the department has offered a Master of Science in Marketing and Consumer Psychology since September 2013. The undergraduate programme not only enhances students’ communication and critical thinking skills, but also familiarises them with modern commercial theories and practice, data-processing skills and the ability to understand cultural differences. An emphasis is also placed on integrating traditional Chinese values with modern practices of commerce.

Department of Accounting

An accounting system is essential for industrial and commercial activities and for international trade and finance.

Accounting knowledge and skills are the grounds of the industrial and commercial system which help to boost the economic development of society.

The Department of Accounting at HKSYU trains professional and competent accountants to meet the enormous demand from industry and commerce. BCom (Honours) in Accounting is a four-year undergraduate programme which emphasises whole person development, professional accounting training as well as general education.

Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Accounting Programme